Master Mentalism

“With great power come great responsibilty” Spiderman

From an early age I always wanted to have superhero like powers, Super strength, speed or mind control.

The former are kind of impossible unless you are Superman, but being able to control people minds is kinda possible.

This is often shown to us on TV by popular mentalists like Derren Brown or Bob Cassidy.

They are witnessed planting suggestions in peoples mind with clever wordplay, getting them to raise their hand on cue when they move their hand, and recall what other people are thinking and even drawing that image down on paper.

This all looks amazing, but how do they do it?

Even though on the surface it looks almost magical, it is all in the methods. Mentalism is something anyone can learn.

By learning techniques that the pros use you can learn what it is to be a mentalist and be the star of every party and event

Do you want to amaze you friends with your new found mentalist power? Do you want to read your friend minds to be able guess what they are thinking?

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